The SEO Built-In Feature.

The Studio provides you Built-In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tools that enable you to monitor and optimize the position of your website in search engines, ensuring maximum exposure and traffic to your website.
1. Click the Pages link on the top menu or the Plus + button on the page tabs bar to open the Pages & Navigation window.
2. Hover over the pages list and click the SEO icon.


3. Under the Page Setup tab edit the Page Title. The page title (also called the title tag) is the name of the page displayed on the browser tab. Defining the page titles is crucial for SEO, since it helps search engines index the website pages correctly.


4. Under the SEO tab you can control the following functions: 
In Description write the text that will appear in the search results of web search engines under the site title.
In Keywords type words related to the content on this specific page. Make sure to separate the keywords with a comma. 
5. Scroll down to the Advanced Options to focus the SEO process even further.
Click here to read more about the Advanced SEO Options.
6. Click OK to preserve your work.
If your site is very new, Google and other search engines may not know about it yet. Tell Google about your site. One way to expedite Google's discovery of new pages is to submit your Sitemap. Even if your site is already in the index, Sitemaps are a great way to tell Google about the pages you consider most important.


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