Content and Footer Layers

Your site is created with two layers: the Content layer and the Footer layer. 

The two layers are marked by two horizontal bars in your studio. 

The bars mark the BOTTOM of the respective layer. 




The content section, is everything above your Content Bar. 

This is where you build the body section of your page. 

To change the height of your content section, click and drag the Content Bar up or down. 

*please note: you cannot drag the bar over or push elements with it. If you have an element in the way, the bar will stop moving.



The footer section is everything between the Content Bar and the Footer Bar.

This is where you build your footer.

To change the height of your Footer section, click and drag the Footer Bar up or down. 

*please note: the footer remains the same size on all pages in your site. Changing the size on one page, will change it on all pages. To change the height of a page, use the Content Bar, not the Footer Bar. 

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