EU Laws: How to set up your Store

Every country has certain regulations that impose rules on businesses. We want to make Our Store as universal solution as possible. EU countries like Germany and Italy have such regulations and require specific display of product prices and sales taxes. We made it possible for you to get your EU stores fully complied with these regulations. 
The requirements include:

  • Break-down of product prices into prices per unit
  • Showing each tax rate separately in the product listings, product pages and in the invoices
  • Having distinct and easily accessible information on the store information, privacy policy, shipping information, etc.

The Design-Editor Store allows setting up each point. We are sure the features will be useful for all merchants hence we designed them as separate settings that you can enable/disable at any time.

Enable specific features

In order to activate German specific features you should specify an address within Germany as your company address in control panel   Systemeins​tellungen  Allgemein  Warenkorb.

Set up taxes

Your products are to indicate proper tax rates. Tax setup in the store consists of a few settings. Proceed to Systemeinstellungen​  Steuern .  

  • Create new tax record for each tax rate that is applicable to your products.
  • Set the tax rate in the 'Andere Zonen' row of the rates table. Make sure to check the 'Artikelpreise inklusive Steuern anzeigen' checkbox to include the tax into product price. 
  • If the taxes should apply only to certain products, make sure to uncheck the 'Für alle Artikel aktiviert' checkbox for every tax.



  • If there is more than one tax rate in your shop you need to assign the necessary tax to each product manually. Go to Katalog  Artikel, open each product and in the "Steuern und Versand" tab assign the proper tax for this product by setting a checkbox next to it.

​More information on tax setup: Taxes.

Setting up product properties

You can set required product properties using product attributes:

  • First, you need to create a product type and attributes for it. This is done in Katalog  Artikelsorten. Product type represents a set of product attributes. 
  • Create a new product type and assign the necessary attributes (like Lieferzeit, Webstoff) for it. You will be able to set the exact values for those later on. 
  • Once the necessary attributes are created within a product type, you need to connect your products with this product type. Go to Katalog  Artikel, open each product and in the Merkmale tab click the '[ Sorte ändern ]' link and choose the appropriate product type. After that, enter individual values for the product attributes in the displayed table.
For Lieferzeit you might want to put an asterisk into the attribute value to add a footnote regarding the shipping costs

For a detailed guide on Products and attributes please refer to this article.

Setting up weight / volume / length per package and price per unit

If a product can be measured in units such as kilograms, liters, meters, you need to specify the exact price for that unit of measure in your store. Navigate to Systemeins​tellungen  Allgemein  Warenkorb page and enable  "Preis pro Einheit anzeigen" option. After that:

  • Set the displayed names for these parameters as a part of the product type on Katalog  Artikelsorten as described in the previous section. Each product type allows to set its own displayed names for these parameters. So your should have one product type for liquid products (beer, juice etc) measured in liters and the different product type for product measured in 100 grams units (cheese, nuts). 
  • Once these properties are set in product type, you can connect those properties to a product.
  • Connect your products with their product types (go to Katalog  Artikel, open each product and in the Merkmale tab click the '[ Sorte ändern ]' link and choose the appropriate product type.) 
  • Then set the values for those parameters: click the dropdown button next to the product price in price editor and below it enter the values.
  • Please make sure that price per unit also include all applicable taxes.

Legal notices on your website

You are required to display legal information concerning delivery, privacy policy, terms of service, etc. You should contact your legal adviser to get required legal documents. 

More details on this feature: Legal pages

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