Blog Properties.

To edit your blog post, click on the Edit Post button from the Manage Posts page. 



Here you are taken into Blog Content Mode. You are able to edit the main image, as well as date title and copy of the post just as you would a normal page.

If you would like to also edit the design of your post, click on the paintbrush icon instead. 


Edit the Post

Double click images to replace the image with your own and double click into text boxes to edit your copy. 

Use paragraph styles as well as the design panel to edit the text. 

On the far left are your Blog Properties where you can edit your post's Status, Categories, Alternate Display as well as add a comments section.  




Blog Properties

Use the side panel to make edits directly to your post and navigate through to other posts in your blog. 

In content mode, you cannot move or add new elements into your post. If you need to do this, click on the paintbrush icon to move into the BLOG DESIGN view. 



At the top of the panel you will see buttons that will change your view.

Use the All Posts button to return to the Manage Posts page. 

Use the Paintbrush button to move to DESIGN mode for this blog post.

Use the Pencil icon to move to CONTENT mode for this blog post.

Use the Eye icon to view the published version of this post. 

Use the + to create a new post. 



Post Status

The status of your blog post helps you to organize your blog and set up which posts are ready for publishing. 

New posts will automatically be created as Draft. To edit the status, click on the dropdown and choose your new status. 

You can also click on the Approve Post button. 

Only Approved posts will publish

Use the Pin Post to top box to set your post to always appear at the top of your blog feed. 




Select the post's relevant categories. 

Click on + Add New Category to add a new one to your list.

A box will appear, type in your desired category name and click ADD.



 You can edit the text that is displayed in your Blog Feed for your selected post. 

Add in your Title, Description and new main image if desired. If you leave these blank, it will take the information directly from the post's content. 




 Add a comments section to the bottom of your post. 

Choose between Facebook and Disqus for your comments section. 

(if using Disqus, you will need to create an account. Click here for more details)


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