The Basic Menu Element


Pages & Navigation works directly with the Menu element. Every page created in your site, is automatically added to a menu.

To place a menu element on your page, click and drag your desired menu from the elements panel onto the canvas. 

When you place a Menu element on the page, it already displays all the pages within that menu. The menu will not display any pages that are set as hidden in the Pages and Navigation settings. 
The menu properties can be found on the Properties Panel. If you'd like to display additional menu (not the main menu), click on the menu element and select the menu from the dropdown on the right side panel.




The default menu design sets each menu button to be an identical size. You can also use the Dynamic option to set the width of the buttons to the width of the text on the button. This option is found in the Properties panel when you have the menu element selected. 

You are also able to edit the direction of the menu from left to right, or right to left. 


The Vertical Menu option will stack the buttons on top of each other.


The Mobile Menu option will give you the hamburger button and the page list as two separate elements, to change the hamburger icon upload your own image from the design panel.

Designing the Menu and it's Buttons.

Click any menu button twice to access button properties.

Note: button properties apply to all buttons and not only to the selected one.
A menu button has three states:
Normal state when the mouse pointer is away from it.
Rollover state when the mouse pointer hovers above it.
Active state when you click on it. 
Check the "edit states together" checkbox to make changes across all states **Recommended for font and size changes**
Each state has four parameters that are editable:
Size. adjust the size of the buttons and the margins between them. (margins refer to the space between buttons)
Fill. change the button's fill colour or remove it, you can also add an image.
Stroke. change the outer edge of the button or add rounded corners.
Font. change the font of the menu buttons and it's size and alignment. You are also able to edit the text padding. 


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