How To Embed Google Maps.

You can easily embed an interactive map in your site using google maps and the Webydo HTML element.

First, find the address in google maps.
On the top right corner, click on the hamburger menu icon.



In the menu, select the "share and embed map" option.

Switch to the "embed map" tab and copy the code on the top.

After copying the code, go back to Webydo.
Drag the HTML element onto the canvas (found in Basic Elements).
In the properties panel you'll see a code window, paste the code into the window and click "update".

The map will appear in the widget 
You can adjust the size of the widget manually or simply adjust the size of the map using the code.
This is very easy to do.
Simply change the width and height properties between the quotation marks and click "update" again.
We advise making the widget box slightly larger than the size of the map to avoid scrollbars on the widget.

When your site is published your map will be active.


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