How to connect a domain to your site.


First Step: Copy your website's A-Record address.

1. Access your Dashboard and then click the website's Settings icon or the + Add A Domain button.

2. Under the General tab, you will find your website's A-Record (it should look like this:
3. Take note of the A-record and log in to your domain provider's account. 

Second Step: Paste the A-Record in your domain provider account.

Log in to your domain provider account.

Each domain provider will look slightly different, but the basic settings will be the same.

In your list of domains, find the domain you would like to attach and click Manage or DNS.
Some domain providers will also have an Advanced DNS button, this is what you want to use. 

When you point a domain, you're working with three pieces of information:
The Hostname: the "www" and "@" records. (note, some domain provides leave the host blank instead of using @. If that is the case there will be an error message to let you know.)
The Record Type: the type of record is an A-Record. There are other types you can often select, but you always want to use A-Record.
The Address: your IP Address (the A-record number you took from site settings).
There may be many records in use on this page and a bunch of blank records. All you care about - and all you need to change - are the records relating to www and @. Just make sure each of those records is an A-Record and pointed to the A-Record address.  
Keep in mind that that your registrar may may not have the settings for www and @ already set up. You may need to add them in yourself.
Note that it can take your registrar up to 48 hours to update their servers with a change like this one. It usually doesn't take more than a few hours, but this is something to keep in mind. Nothing is happening on our end when you point a domain here (it's either pointed here correctly and it works, or it is pointed here incorrectly and it doesn't), so we can't speed the process up. 
Your A-record settings should look like this: 

Last Step: Add the domain name to your site.

Now that you have your purchased domain name is pointing to your site, you should add it to your site as well:


1. Access your Dashboard and then click the website's Settings icon.
2. Under the Domain & Email tab, click on + Add a New Domain.
3. Write your domain name in the input field that just appeared and click Add. Make sure you add the www address (example:, as well as the non-www address (example:
Don't forget to PUBLISH the site. Any changes made will not be active on your live site, until the site has been re-published. 


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